The Algarve's first rewilding site


The only rewilding project in the Algarve- Our Vision

REWILDING ALGARVE is a 210 hectare site just 40 minutes drive north of Tavira. Since 2001 the land has been left to rewild, with the help of some native tree planting and habitat restoration. Using native grazing animals, including the endangered Sorraia horse, as drivers of habitat creation, plus restoration of the natural tributary of the Guadiana river, we intend to restore its natural wildlife.

The longterm vision is to expand this area into surrounding areas via ecological corridors, to regenerate the whole area, creating a wilder Algarve.

Breed and release programs for the European rabbit and the red-legged partridge will provide food for the reintroduced Iberian Lynx, already seen close to the area.

Many important Iberian species are already found on the site, furthering the need to protect this area.

Nature tourism is more popular than ever and rewilding offers an answer to so many environmental issues; biodiversity loss, species extinctions and climate change, not to mention the physical and mental wellbeing that comes from immersion in pure nature.  The Guadiana village provides boutique yet traditional accommodation. 

All food is sustainable and organically grown on the land. Native goat and sheep species provide milk and cheese making courses are available on request. Why not get back to the simple life and learn some traditional crafts such as basket weaving or Portuguese pottery?

Guided walking or horse-back safaris (on a true Sorraia breed horse) are available during your stay as well as trail bike or e-bike rentals. For the more adventurous guest, why not Join the G13 hike across the Algarve, the Via Algarviana passes at the foot of the land. We can rent you bicycles for the trip or collect you once you're done. Why not use Re-Vive as a  refreshing stop-off before your grand finale to Alcoutim? 

Visit the vulture feeding sites, where you can see Griffon and Black vulture species feeding close-up. Monitoring stations and hides give an inside view of our Cinereous vulture  nests.


Alongside indepth infographics on the local biodiversity, that can be found along the trails, there is also an on-site conservation education area where you can learn more about the process of rewilding and our species conservation programmes.

It's not just the Algarve. We are working with registered Charity: Whole Wild World to make the world whole and wild again..

Help to make this vision a reality by becoming a Wild Guardian  

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