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We're WildACT

‘It’s time to get wild’



Become a Wild Guardian today


Safeguard wild habitats for native wild species 


 Act now - Act for the Wild

Saving Iberian species and rewilding the Algarve


Sponsor a 'Patch of Wild'


Just £20 a year to safeguard a 10mPatch of Wild 




Sponsor a 1000mfor just £250 a Year!


Each 10 m2 safeguards: 

Habitat and food for 1 rabbit for half a day. 1 rabbit provides food for 1 lynx for one day.


'There's an average of 400 million insects per acre of land' 



£5,000 a Year will safeguard a hectare (10,000m2) of wilderness and wildlife. 


This hectare of land provides: a home and food for:

One wild horse, 2 wild goats, 10 wild rabbits, a family of  otters, vultures, reptiles,  horseshoe bats, wild boar, wild cats & millions of invertebrates, retiles and amphibians.


Animal populations have declined 70% in 50 years. Much of this decline is due to habitat loss.


The time to ACT is now!


Join the action and help restore habitats today.

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