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Species Conservation


Rabbit – more precisely the European Rabbit, found in Portugal, Spain and France – is in danger of extinction, along with over 30,000 animal, bird and plant species.

A breeding and vaccination program to replenish the rabbit population in the area and beyond will help to support the newly revived Iberian lynx population in the area.


Vulture species such as Griffin and Cinereous vultures are rare in their area but other projects in Portugal have revived their presence by introducing feeding platforms. Nests can be constructed in Holm oak for the Cinereous vulture.


Threatened species of reptile and amphibian can be found on the site and will benefit from the enhancement of the biodiversity in the area


European otter - a family of otters resides in the river and can be seen. the revival of the waterway, increased vegetation and cover helps to protect this species.

The waterways are also home to at least two species of endangered fish

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